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Custom Organizers:
We at DA Cabinets have joined forces with industry leader Closet Connection in offering custom storage solutions for your home and business. Eliminate clutter and create a more efficient living/work  space. Specializing in custom solutions for closets, pantries, garages, offices, media centers and more. Custom organizational solutions that are not only efficient, but also mindful of the well-being of the planet. We believes that your personal space should also reflect your values.

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                       a place for everything 

Closet Connection has been building custom storage solutions and creating a sense of order for homes and offices for over a decade, setting the standard for excellence in premium custom closets and personal spaces.We'll make any space fit your every need— from walk-in closets to home offices, media centers, pantries, laundry room, garages and more


When you work with us expect nothing short of the best.

  • Over 12 years in the custom storage & design business.
  • Lifetime product guarantee.
  • Exceptional experience from beginning to end.
  • Installation included.
  • Installation completed in one to two days with no mess left behind.

Getting Started

When you're ready to start the process of customizing your own personal space.

Call us today at (714) 723-3000 to personally discuss your organization needs with one of our specialists. Organizational bliss is just a phone call away.



Our manufacturing facility is perfectly optimized to guarantee that no material goes to waste. The machinery that we use to manufacture our panels and shelves is state-of-the-art and guarantees minimal waste of material in the process of cutting.

  • BHP

    Our screen-to-machine technology minimizes waste. The BHP nested router cuts, shapes and bores in one step. After cutting, the  labels are applied and off to the edgebander it goes.

  • Blades

    At Closet Connection, we know that having the "sharpest tool in the box" is important. Every machine operator is a quality control point and we use the best saw and router bits available to assure a quality cut.

  • Edgebanding

    Both of our precision in-line edgebanders stay busy. Every edgebanded piece is visually inspected for perfection. Any manufacturing associate can reject a sub-standard or damaged part have it re-made.